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Hi, I’m Catherine. Together let’s create more IMPACT in your business & life.


Leading organizational change in these areas

Community engagement

Empowering clients to attain unprecedented success by transforming their business models from profit-centric to purpose-driven.


Building brands and businesses that are central to creating a world that advances economic, social, and environmental flourishing.

Purpose-driven land development

Bridging the gap between developers and their communities to create real impact.

Global citizenship and sustainability

Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CES) for the sustained betterment of the global community.


Igniting Purpose-Driven Impact

When we create meaningful partnerships between businesses and communities, we build a better world


Kind Words and Testimonials

Catherine is a woman for the world and she has everything it takes to succeed: strong communication and public engagement skills, experience working for the Obama Administration, a collaborative nature, motivation and a deep and abiding passion for public service.

Kathleen McCartney
President, Smith College

Prior to Catherine’s arrival, the event was small, slow to start, and struggling to gain the inertia needed to make the intended impact. We had recruited several quality speakers, but we were unable to effectively tell our story to the community. When Catherine joined our team, her enthusiasm, which is only matched by her professionalism and talent, took our marketing efforts to new heights.

With Catherine’s expertise and follow through, we were able to communicate our message to well over 50,000 members of the community. Catherine herself coordinated a successful marketing partnership between TEDxOxnard and the city government, resulting in a broad reach to our efforts.

Her leadership was indispensable.

Patrick James Allison, M.Ed.
Lead Organizer, TEDxOxnard

What sets Impact Alliances Group (IAG) apart is their innovative approach to creating meaningful partnerships between businesses and the community. 

IAG’s ability to connect businesses with opportunities for sponsorships, community programming participation, and volunteering through their partnership with FARSB (Feeding America Riverside | San Bernardino) is truly commendable. Our partnership has not only benefited businesses by allowing them to contribute to a noble cause, but it has also strengthened the ties of the broader community that these businesses serve. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Impact Alliances Group to anyone seeking to make a real with their business or organization. IAG’s work is a testament to what can be achieved when compassion, innovation, and community collaboration come together for a greater purpose.

Angela Jugon
Development Director, FARSB

Impact Alliances Group (IAG) has been instrumental in generating meaningful IMPACT in Rialto across various domains – from promoting health and wellness, to creating a greener more sustainable future for our community through recreational programming.

IAG’s ability to foster purposeful partnerships that ignite unity, trust, and lasting impact makes IAG an invaluable asset to any business or organization committed to making a positive difference in their community.

Their dedication to creating a brighter future is truly commendable.

Jessica Perez
Recreation Programmer, City of Rialto

Impact Alliances Group has served as a key player in creating lasting and meaningful IMPACT in Riverside. From promoting health and wellness, to supporting our small local businesses, and being a part of our community’s efforts in building a sustainable future through recreational programming –  IAG’s dedication is truly commendable.

Their remarkable ability to foster purposeful partnerships empowers businesses and organizations to fulfill their corporate social and environmental responsibilities, making them a invaluable force for positive change in our community.

Jessica Ortiz
Recreation Supervisor, City of Riverside

IAG excels in their ability to mobilize businesses as powerful allies to the communities they work with by creating partnerships that address a range of IMPACT areas.

IAG’s partnership with the Oak Grove Center has enabled businesses to make a tangible difference in the lives of at risk youth in the Inland Empire. Together, we’ve taken substantial steps in reducing inequalities for at-risk youth by providing educational, music, and art opportunities.

We recommend IAG to businesses and organizations looking to use their business as a catalyst for meaningful IMPACT in the community and simultaneously creating a lasting legacy in the process.

Kristi Pitakowski
Development Director, Oak Grove Center

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When we create meaningful partnerships between businesses and communities, we build a better world

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